Miss Heidi's Story...

“What’s That Sauce!?”

‘What’s That Sauce’ was ALMOST the name for Miss Heidi’s Sauce since everyone who tasted it always asked, “What’s That Sauce!?” When Miss Heidi was a chef for schools and camps back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, she got so many affirmations from the students and other guests that she knew she had something special with her chipotle sauce. When the Coughlin family (Heidi, Geoff, Kiersten and Garrett), and "the sauce" relocated to North Carolina in 2008,

the praises, and requests for sauce remained constant including the question, “What’s that sauce!?.” This lead Miss Heidi to finally take the plunge and bottle and sell her beloved sauce.


Miss Heidi and her family are some of the sweetest people you will meet, but she is also one to “tell it how it is.” Her business has grown to the point where now she can decide who she wants to carry her product, and what events best suit the business. You can find Miss Heidi’s Sauce at many local farmers’ markets and local specialty food stores. 

This chipotle sauce is not a hot sauce, it’s a flavor sauce. Miss Heidi purposely did not add the word “hot” to her bottle for the more timid taste buds out there. Her blue gingham label implies a fresh and tasty concoction perfect for any type of food. Putting the chipotle sauce on burgers or mixing it with alfredo sauce and serving it over pasta with roasted red peppers are two of Miss Heidi’s favorite ways of using her sauce.

When people come up to Miss Heidi at farmers’ markets or festivals and tell her how they used her sauce it brings her the most joy. She said her biggest accomplishment is people remembering her product. A customer recently put the sauce in her meatloaf! 

Now, how will you use Miss Heidi’s Sauce?

You can also order online if not near a retail outlet that offers

Miss Heidi's Sauce too!  

Miss Heidi's creamy chipotle sauce is a member of 

the North Carolina Specialty Foods Association and Got To Be NC program.  
Makes a great unique addition to your gift baskets and tasty on your table at home too!